Traveling Wilburys: Beyond The Tracks


  Label:       Unknown

  Cat. #:       the matrix No. is GP-03ZZ0000921
  Year:         2003
  Country:    Russia
  Tracks:     21
  Time:        72:59


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1.  Handle With Care (unknown) 3:19

 Exact copy of an official CD Traveling Wilburys Vol.1 (1988)

First released on CD:

October 24, 1988 in UK (Warner Bros. K 925796-2)

October 25, 1988 in USA (Warner Bros. 9 25796-2)

2.  Dirty World (unknown) 3:29
3.  Rattled (unknown) 3:00
4.  Last Night (unknown) 3:51
5.  Not Alone Any More (unknown) 3:25
6.  Congratulations (unknown) 3:29
7.  Heading For The Light (unknown) 3:37
8.  Margarita (unknown) 3:16
9.  Tweeter And The Monkey Man (unknown) 5:28
10.  End Of The Line (Harrison/Dylan) 3:30
11.  She's My Baby (unknown) 3:15

Exact copy of an official CD Traveling Wilburys Vol.3 (1990)

First released on CD:

October 29, 1990 in UK (Wilbury 7599 26324-2)

November 6, 1990 in USA (Wilbury 9 26324-2)

12.  Inside Out (unknown) 3:35
13.  If You Belonged To Me (unknown)


14.  The Devil's Been Busy (unknown) 3:18
15.  7 Deadly Sins (unknown) 3:18
16.  Poor House (unknown) 3:17
17.  Where Were You Last Night? (Lynne/Dylan/Harrison/Petty) 3:04
18.  Cool Dry Place (unknown) 3:37
19.  New Blue Moon (unknown) 3:20
20.  You Took My Breath Away (Lynne/Dylan/Harrison/Petty) 3:18
21.  Wilbury Twist (unknown) 3:00

Unfortunately, this disc is the fake - next after ”Live In Japan”. Track list on artwork known under a name “Recovered Treasures” bootleg from VOXX Records corresponds. However on the disc there is a record taken from both official releases Traveling Wilburys Vol.1 and Traveling Wilburys Vol.3.

К сожалению, настоящий диск является очередной после Live In Japan подделкой. Полиграфия соответствует известному под именем “Recovered Treasures” бутлегу от VOXX Records. Однако на самом диске присутствует запись, взятая с обоих официальных релизов Traveling Wilburys Vol.1 и Traveling Wilburys Vol.3.

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