Rough Mixes 1


  Label:        BATZ (CD-R)
  Cat. #:        BATZ 0015
  Tracks:      16
  Time:          43:10


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1.  Photograph (Starkey/Harrison) 4:25  Stereo Remix Take 1.
2.  Photograph (Starkey/Harrison) 4:21  Stereo Remix Take 2.
3.  Photograph (Starkey/Harrison) 0:21  Stereo Remix Take 3. Breakdown.
4.  Photograph (Starkey/Harrison) 4:07  Stereo Remix Take 4.
5.  Photograph (Starkey/Harrison) 1:58  Stereo Remix Take 5. Breakdown.
6.  Photograph (Starkey/Harrison) 1:02  Stereo Remix Take 6. Breakdown.
7.  Photograph (Starkey/Harrison) 4:18  Stereo Remix Take 7.
8.  Photograph (Starkey/Harrison) 4:01  Stereo Remix Take 8.
9.  Photograph (Starkey/Harrison) 0:15  Stereo Remix Take 9. Breakdown.
10.  Photograph (Starkey/Harrison) 2:27  Stereo Remix Take 10. Breakdown.
11.  Photograph (Starkey/Harrison) 4:01  Stereo Remix Take 11.
12.  Photograph (Starkey/Harrison) 4:08  Stereo Remix Take 12.
13.  Photograph (Starkey/Harrison)


 Stereo Remix Take 13. Breakdown.
14.  Photograph (Starkey/Harrison) 0:31  Stereo Remix Take 14. Breakdown.
15.  Photograph (Starkey/Harrison)


 Stereo Remix Take 15. Breakdown.
16.  Photograph (Starkey/Harrison) 4:06  Stereo Remix Take 16.


Photograph (R.Starkey-G.Harrison)

Drums: Ringo Starr. Jim Keltner

12 String Acoustic Guitar and Harmony Vocals: George Harrison

Piano: Nicky Hopkins

Bass: Klaus Voormann

Acoustic Guitars: Vini Poncia, Jimmy Calvert

Percussions: Lon and Derek Van Eaton

Tenor Sax Solo: Bobby Keys

Orchestra and Chorus arranged by: Jack Nitzche


Remixed between July 20-24, 1973 at Sunset Sound Studios. Los Angeles. CA.


Track 1 was previously available on the LP "With A Little Help From My Friends" (Starlight Rec.) in minor quality.

Tracks 10 and 11 were previously available on the CD "With A Little Help From John. Paul & George" (Mistral) which runs too fast.


See also RINGO AGAIN /2CD/ (Main Stream MSBR 010/11) and WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM JOHN, PAUL AND GEORGE (Mistral Music MM 9335)


Смотрите также RINGO AGAIN /2CD/ (Main Stream MSBR 010/11) и WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM JOHN, PAUL AND GEORGE (Mistral Music MM 9335)

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