One Night In Moscow - August 25, 1998

2CD-R set in a thick 2CD jewel case


  Label:              Corvin Records (CD-R)
  Cat. #:      CR001
  Year:        1999
  Country:   Russia
  Tracks:        13 and 10
  Time:        66:18 and 64:38


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Front cover

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Disc One:





1.  It Don't Come Easy (Starkey) 3:59  Lead vocal: Ringo Starr
2.  Act Naturally (Russell/Morrison) 3:05
3.  Whiskey Train (Trower/Reid) 6:19  Lead vocal: Gary Brooker
4.  Show Me The Way (Frampton) 5:20  Lead vocal: Peter Frampton
5.  Sunshine Of Your Love (Bruce/Brown/Clapton) 9:20  Lead vocal: Jack Bruce
6.  Shooting Star (Rodgers) 6:34  Lead vocal: Simon Kirke
7.  Boys (Dixon/Farrell) 3:04  Lead vocal: Ringo Starr
8.  Baby I Love Your Way (Frampton) 5:02  Lead vocal: Peter Frampton
9.  Love Me Do (Lennon/McCartney) 3:43  Lead vocal: Ringo Starr
10.  Yellow Submarine (Lennon/McCartney) 5:07
11.  As You Said (Bruce) 4:59  Lead vocal: Jack Bruce
12.  A Salty Dog (Brooker) 4:56  Lead vocal: Gary Brooker
13. Conquistador (Brooker/Reid) 4:50  Lead vocal: Gary Brooker


Disc Two:





1.  I'm The Greatest (Lennon) 4:05  Lead vocal: Ringo Starr
2.  No No Song (Axton/Jackson) 3:56
3.  La De Da (Starkey/Hudson/Grakal/Dudas) 5:26
4.  All Right Now (Fraser/Rodgers) 4:21  Lead vocal: Simon Kirke
5.  I Wanna Be Your Man (Lennon/McCartney) 3:39  Lead vocal: Ringo Starr
6.  Do You Feel Like We Do ? (Frampton/Wills/Gallagher/Sioms) 18:26  Lead vocal: Peter Frampton
7.  White Room (Bruce/Brown) 7:59  Lead vocal: Jack Bruce
8.  A Whiter Shade Of Pale (Reid/Brooker) 5:39  Lead vocal: Gary Brooker
9.  Photograph (Starkey/Harrison) 5:27  Lead vocal: Ringo Starr
10.  With A Little Help From My Friends (Lennon/McCartney) 5:40

The Fourth All-Star Band:
Ringo Starr
- Vocals/Drums/Percussion
Jack Bruce - Vocals/Bass
Peter Frampton - Vocals/Guitar
Gary Brooker - Vocals/Keyboards
Mark Rivera - Trumpet/Saxophone/Keyboards/Acoustic Guitar/Percussion
Simon Kirke - Vocals/Drums
Scott Gordon - Harmonica

It's a 2CD-R reissue of a Russian 2CD on Non Peg Boy Records called "One Evening In Moscow". First edition (One Evening in Moscow) did presentation speed incorrect. This lack was eliminated on the version submitted here on CD-R’s (One Night In Moscow - August 25, 1998).



Это переиздание на CD-R ранее изданного на Non Peg Boy Records двойного набора под названием "One Evening In Moscow". Первое издание (One Evening in Moscow) имело неправильную скорость воспроизведения. Этот недостаток был устранен на представленной здесь CD-R версии (One Night In Moscow - August 25, 1998).



Unfortunately both editions ("One Evening In Moscow" and "One Night In Moscow - August 25, 1998") have not qualitative mono record.

In 2003 was released third edition of this concert in very high quality with stereo sound “Live at the Big Concert Hall “GCKZ RUSSIA” Moscow, Russia, August 25, 1998 (2CD)”. Discs and artworks of the new edition is factory manufacture.

See also video version of this concert on DVD “One Night In Moscow”.


К сожалению оба издания ("One Evening In Moscow" и "One Night In Moscow - August 25, 1998") имеют не качественную моно запись.

В 2003 году вышло третье по счету издание этого концерта с очень хорошим качеством и стерео звуком “Live at the Big Concert Hall “GCKZ RUSSIA” Moscow, Russia, August 25, 1998 (2CD)”. Диски и полиграфия нового издания заводского изготовления.

Смотрите также видео версию данного концерта на DVD диске One Night In Moscow.

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