Return To Peperland (The Unreleased 1987 Album)

  Label:       Sergeant M Records

  Cat. #:       SM-0001
  Year:         2000
  Country:    ?
  Tracks:      16
  Time:         73:14
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В представленной здесь версии на компакт-диске написано “Return To Lindiana” (?). Возможно, это дешевая европейская версия, потому что в Интернете я встречал другое оформление этого альбома. Первое отличие: диск изготовлен в Японии и имеет другое оформление (скан слева). Второе отличие: на полиграфии название фирмы и номер каталога набраны черным цветом (скан справа).

In the version submitted here on CD it is written “Return To Lindiana” (?). Probably, it is the cheap European version because in the Net I met other registration of this album. First difference: the disc is made in Japan and has other appearance (scan at the left). Second difference: on artwork label name and cat. # is printed in black (scan on the right).






1.  Lindiana (McCartney) 5:50

The Songs in this album were all recorded in 1986-1987 with Phil Ramone producing. Most of then remain unreleased to this day, whilst others (most notably "Beautiful Night") were re-recorded. Only a handful crept onto various CD-single b-sides more than 10 years later. 3, 6, 7, 8, 16 are demos.  

2.  I Love This House (McCartney) 3:50
3.  We Got Married (McCartney) 5:10
4.  Beautiful Night (McCartney) 6:14
5.  Loveliest Thing (McCartney) 4:01
6.  Squid (McCartney) 6:37
7.  Big Day (McCartney) 5:38
8.  This One (McCartney) 3:27
9.  Love Come Tumbling Down (McCartney) 4:25
10.  Christian Pop (McCartney) 2:21
11.  Atlantic Ocean (McCartney) 6:49
12.  Love Mix (McCartney) 3:47
13.  Return To Pepperland (McCartney)


14.  P.S. Love Me Do (McCartney) 3:43
15.  The Same Love (McCartney) 3:54
16.  Don't Break The Promise (McCartney) 3:42
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