Oobu Joobu Part 8

  Label:       Yellow Cat Records

  Cat. #                YC 052
  Year:                1995
  Country:           Israel
  Tracks:     24
  Time:        58:39

                  Front Cover                               Back Cover






1.  Intro / Oobu Joobu 1:34  Jingle
2.  Two Instrumental Tracks 1:54  From Rude Corner
3.  No I Never 2:51  Jam Session
4.  Sneaking Up Behind You 4:37  Instrumental By The Brecker Brothers
5.  Oobu Joobu Welcome Back 0:53  Chat
6.  Crackin' Up 4:23  Soundcheck
7.  Loui, Loui 5:49  Toots & The Maytells
8.  Daytime, Nighttime Suffering 3:28  Wings' B-Side
9.  Intro To Bill Haley 1:40  Chat
10.  Rock Around The Clock 2:21  Bill Haley & His Comets
11.  Intro To Fanclub Xmas Discs 1:13  Chat
12.  If I Ever See Another Banjo 1:41  Part Of A Xmas Flexi
13.  Introduction To Love In The Open Air


14.  Love In The Open Air 1:03  Family Way Soundtrack
15.  Cook Of The House


 Linda's Recipe
16.  Hot Soup, Jam & Fools 2:40  Improvisation
17.  Midland Two Step


 Dusee Cajun Band
18.  San Francisco Bay Blues 2:25  Soundcheck Detroit
19.  After You've Gone 1:16  Demo From The Rude Corner
20.  Oobu Joobu Outro 1:01  Jingle
21.  Yellow Submarine 1:18  Rehearsal
22.  Bonus: Rupert Song #1 4:03  From The Animation Film "Rupert The Bear"
23.  Bonus: Tippi Tippi Toes 2:55  From The Animation Film "Rupert The Bear". Parents Theme
24.  Bonus: Paul McCartney 2:28  From The Animation Film "Rupert The Bear"

All bonus songs are from the "Rupert The Bear" animation film, which was never released. Only four acetates with the complete soundtrack were made for the members of Paul McCartney and Wings. The songs on this CD were taken from Steve Holly's acetate. Digitally declicked and denoised.

 Песни, помещенные на диск в качестве бонусов, взяты из мультипликационного фильма “Мишка Руперт”, который так и не был выпущен в прокат. Запись на этом компакт-диске, предварительно очищенная от шума и щелчков, взята у Стива Холли.

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