Label:        Pegboy (CD-R)

  Cat. #:        Pegboy 1002
  Year:          1996
  Country:     Australia
  Tracks:       12

  Time:          46:59

                  Front Cover               Front Back                 Back Inside                  Back Cover

Cold Cuts

Box (front)


Box (back)






1.  A Love For You (McCartney) 5:28  Was recorded during the RAM sessions of early 1971.
2.  My Carnival (McCartney) 3:43  Was recorded during the New Orleans VENUS AND MARS sessions  in February 1975.
3.  Waterspout (McCartney) 4:49  Originating from the LONDON TOWN era (December 1977/January 1978).
4.  Mama's Little Girl (McCartney) 3:43  Originating before July 1972.
5.  Night Out (McCartney) 2:32  Originating from the RED ROSE SPEEDWAY era (1972/1973).
6.  Robbers Ball (McCartney) 4:02  Dating from the BACK TO THE EGG era (1979/1980).
7.  Cage (McCartney) 3:09  Was recorded during the BACK TO THE EGG sessions of early 1979.
8.  Did We Meet Somewhere Before? (McCartney) 5:00  Originating from 1978.
9.  Hey Diddle (McCartney) 3:48  From 1972/1974 sessions.
10.  Tragedy (Nelson/Burch) 3:19  Originating from the RED ROSE SPEEDWAY era (1972/1973).
11.  Best Friend (McCartney) 4:10  Taken from Wings European tour in 1972. Was recorded live at the Cine Roma in Antwerp, Belgium on August 22.
12.  Same Time Next Year (McCartney) 3:09  Was recorded 5 May 1978.

CD in jewel case is enclosed in slipcase-style box. Package also includes a 24 page booklet of informative text and pictures.

Компакт-диск вложен в картонный бокс. К полному набору также прилагается 24-страничный буклет с фотографиями и пояснениями к каждой песне.

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