Rude Studio Demos 1980

  Label:        UNDERCOVER

  Cat. #:        UC-003
  Year:          1999
  Tracks:       25

  Time:          74:03


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1.  Ballroom Dancing (McCartney) 2:02  "Tug Of War/Pipes Of Peace"-era songs speed corrected and re-equalised.
2.  Take It Away (McCartney) 5:34
3.  Keep Under Cover (McCartney) 3:44
4.  Average Person (McCartney) 4:04
5.  Dress Me Up As A Robber (McCartney) 1:11
6.  Dress Me Up As A Robber (McCartney) 2:33
7.  The Pound Is Sinking (McCartney) 2:34
8.  Sweetest Little Show (McCartney) 3:02
9.  Ebony And Ivory (McCartney) 1:46
10.  Here Me Lover (McCartney) 2:17
11.  Wanderlust (McCartney) 1:45
12.  Stop, You Don't Know Where She Came From (McCartney) 1:43
13.  Unbelievable Experience (McCartney) 1:48
14.  We All Stand Together (McCartney) 4:03
15.  Boil Crisis (McCartney) 4:08
16.  Give Us A Chord Roy (McCartney) 4:02
17.  Seems Like Old Times (McCartney) 4:22
18.  Bonus: Seems Like Old Times (McCartney) 3:47  Solo piano version. Restored beginning; speed corrected; re-equalised.
19.  Bonus: I Can't Write Another Song (McCartney) 1:28  The circulating short version of this song on the Oobu Joobu series has erroneously been titled I Keep On Believing.
20.  Bonus: On The Wings Of A Nightingale (Unknown) 2:31  Re-equalised.
21.  Bonus: New Moon Over Jamaica (McCartney) 2:15  Demo. Previously unavailable long version.
22.  Bonus: Your School (McCartney) 2:58  Previously unavailable long version.
23.  Bonus: Return To Pepperland (McCartney) 4:56  Speed corrected; re-equalised.
24.  Bonus: P.S. Love Me Do (Lennon/McCartney) 4:12  Demo. Speed corrected; re-equalised.
25.  Bonus: Matchbox (Perkins) 1:04  Solo. Speed corrected; re-equalised.


Originally this record was issued in 1989 on Columbus Records CD 080 in Belgium. Later other labels (including UNDERCOVER) has republished this CD with speed corrected and re-equalised. The republished version has 8 bonus tracks.

Первоначально данная запись была издана в 1989 году на Columbus Records CD 080 в Бельгии. Позже другие фирмы (в том числе и UNDERCOVER) переиздали этот диск предварительно «подчистив» запись и откорректировав ее скорость. Переизданная версия имеет 8 дополнительных треков.

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