Denny Laine "In Time"

  Label:      Beatles Memories

  Cat. N:     LIMECD 02000105
  Year:        2000
  Country:   Russia
  Tracks:     14
  Time:        59:05


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1.  Game, Set & Match (D.Laine) 5:23  
2.  In Time (D.Laine) 4:04  
3.  Send Me The Heart (D.Laine/P.McCartney) 2:56  McCartney on Bass
4.  Reborn (D.Laine) 4:54  
5.  I Would Only Smile (D.Laine) 5:17  McCartney on Bass and backing vocals with Linda
6.  Go Now (Bennet/Banks) 6:46  
7.  Night Walker (D.Laine) 5:32  
8.  Running Round In Circles (D.Laine) 4:13  
9.  Talk Of The Town (D.Laine) 4:20  
10.  Fanfare (D.Laine) 6:20  
11.  Anyone Can Fly (D.Laine) 2:20  
12.  Say You Don't Mind (D.Laine) 2:28  
13.  On The Radio (D.Laine)


14.  Eternal Quest (D.Laine) 7:26  

This compilation by Denny Laine was released in Germany and Russia only.

Этот сборник песен Денни Лейна был издан только в Германии и России.

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