Sean Lennon "Half Horse Half Musician"

  Label:      TOCHIBA-EMI

  Cat. #:      TOCP-61010
  Year:        1999
  Country:   Japan
  Tracks:     8
  Time:        31:06


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Back cover OBI





1.  Queue (Sean Lennon) 3:35  Radio mix
2.  Spaceship (Sean Lennon) 4:18  Radio mix
3.  Dream* (Sean Lennon) 2:15  
4.  Heart And Lung* (Sean Lennon) 4:26  Texas motel version
5.  5/8 (Sean Lennon) 4:57  
6.  Pyramid (Sean Lennon) 4:51  
7.  Happiness** (Sean Lennon) 2:58  On the bus version
8.  Into The Sun (Sean Lennon) 3:44  Moog remix


The EP was produced by Yuka Honda

 *except "Dream" and "Heart and Lung" were produced by Yuka Honda and Sean Lennon; **and "Happiness" was produced by Sean Lennon.


The cover drawing is by Sean Lennon.

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