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Mary Hopkin "Post Card"


MARY HOPKIN: Post Card (factory CD-R front)

MARY HOPKIN: Post Card (factory CD-R)

MARY HOPKIN: Post Card (factory CD-R back)


Unknown (factory CD-R)

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MARY HOPKIN: Post Card (factory CD-R gatefold front) MARY HOPKIN: Post Card (factory CD-R gatefold inside) MARY HOPKIN: Post Card (factory CD-R back cover)
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1.  Those Were The Days (Trad. Arr. Raskin) 5:08

 Bonus for CD version (From USA LP version).

2.  Lord Of The Reedy River (Leitch) 2:37 Songs from LP "Post Card" released in UK on Apple Records (APCOR/SAPCOR 5) 21th February, 1969.
3.  Happiness Runs (Leitch) 2:03
4.  Love Is The Sweetest Thing (Noble) 3:43
5.  Y Blodyn Gwyn (Hughes/Jones) 3:08
6.  The Honeymoon Song (Theodorakis) 2:07
7.  The Puppy Song (Nilsson) 2:42
8.  Inch Worm (Loeser) 2:33
9.  Voyage Of The Moon (Leitch) 5:52
10.  Lullaby Of The Leaves (Young/Petkere) 2:33
11.  Young Love (Joyner/Carty) 2:11
12.  Someone To Watch Over Me (G & I Gershwin) 2:02
13.  Prince En Avignon (Bourtayre) 3:20
14.  The Game (Martin) 2:40
15.  Show Business (Berlin) 4:03
16.  Turn! Turn! Turn! To Everything There Is A Season (Seeger) 2:50

 Bonus for CD version (From single).

17.  Those Were The Days (Italian version) (Trad. Arr. Raskin) 5:08

 Bonus for CD version: Quelli Erano Giorni.(From single).

18.  Those Were The Days (Spanish version) (Trad. Arr. Raskin) 5:09

 Bonus for CD version: En Aquellos Dios (From single).


Produced by Paul McCartney

"The Game" song composer by George Martin


Notes from gatefold inside:


It was the show tunes and pop standards that Mary wasn't enamored with. "Love Is The Sweetest Thing" was originally a hit for its writer, Ray Noble, in 1933. "Lullaby Of The Leaves" was a hit a year earlier when recorded by George Olsen. "Someone To Watch Over Me" dates back even further to 1927. There were several hit versions of the tune, including one by George Gershwin himself, who wrote it for the Broadway production "Oh, Kay". "There's No Business Like Show Business", from "Annie Get Your Gun", has been recorded many times, but is mostly associated with Ethel Merman. The last of this genre of songs is "Inch Worm", originally sung by Danny Kaye in the 1956 motion picture, "Hans Christian Andersen".

The rest of the LP is a mixed bag. "Young Love" is a remake of the 1956 Sonny James chart-topper that was also No 1 by Tab Hunter that same year. Beatles producer George Martin is represented on the album by a song he gave Mary called "The Game". "The Honeymoon Song" has always been a favorite of Paul's. He recorded it with The Beatles for the BBC in a similar arrangement. It was originally a hit in England for Manuel And His Music Of The Mountains back in 1959. The remaining two songs were sung in foreign languages, "Prince En Avignon" in French (and a single release in France) and "Y Blodyn Gwyn" ("The White Flower") sung in her native Welsh.

The American release of the LP deleted "Someone To Watch Over Me", and put in its stead the hit single, "Those Were The Days". Both songs have been included in this package, along with her versions of "Those Were The Days" sung in Italian and Spanish. Rounding out the album is the flip side of that hit, "Turn! Turn! Turn!" Peter Seeger's adaptation of words from the book of Ecclesiastes (and a hit for The Byrds). It came to Mary easily, and she recorded it in only two takes.

This is factory CD-R with factory artworks. Information about official release see here.

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