Love One Another... 2CD set (Various Artists)

УEverything else can wait but the search for God cannot wait, and love one another" Ц George Harrison СNovember 2001


  Label:            Azia records

  Cat. #:                no number
  Year:                  2004
  Country:     Russia
  Tracks:        26 and 22

  Time:            71:07 and 75:18


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Disc One:





1.  "Call Mr. HollandЕ" 0:08


2.  Horse To The Water 5:01  Performer Jools Holland & His Rhythm'n'Blues Orchestra. From album Small World, Big Band (2001)
3.  Punchdrunk 5:32  Performer Rubyhorse. From album How far have you come? (2000)
4.  "Jeff And IЕ" 0:11  Speech
5.  All She Wanted 3:14  Performer ELO. From album Zoom (2001). George on slide guitar.
6.  A Long Time Gone 3:16  Performer ELO. From album Zoom (2001). George on slide guitar.
7.  "Now I'm HereЕ" 0:09  Speech
8.  King Of Broken Hearts 4:44  Performer Ringo Starr. From album Vertical Man (1998). George on slide guitar.
9.  I'll Be Fine Anywhere 3:41  Performer Ringo Starr. From album Vertical Man (1998). George on slide guitar.
10.  "I'm Doing FineЕ" 0:04  Speech
11.  Anna Julia 3:34  Performer Jim Capaldi. From album Living On The Outside (2001). George on solo guitar.
12.  Love Letters 3:36  Performer Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings. From album Double Bill (2001). George on slide guitar.
13.  Your True Love


 George Harrison on Carl Perkins funeral (1998).
14.  Distance Makes No Difference With Love 4:13  From Carl Perkins album Go Cat Go! (1996). George - vocals, guitar
15.  If You Belonged To Me


 George Harrison - The Last Performance (1997).
16.  All Things Must Pass (unedited version) 3:26  George Harrison - The Last Performance (1997).
17.  If You Don't Know


 George Harrison - The Last Performance (1997).
18.  Prabhujee 1:45  George Harrison - The Last Performance (1997).
19.  "Hi! I'm George HarrisonЕ" 0:08  Speech
20.  The Bluest Blues 7:28  Performer Alvin Lee. From album I Hear You Rockin' (1993). George on slide guitar.
21.  Don't Try To Own Me 4:07  Performer Gary Wright. From album First Signs Of Life (1995). George - backing vocals.
22.  "The Songs You Write About GodЕФ 0:11  Speech
23.  All Things Must Pass 0:28  George Harrison. From promo film (2000).
24.  Let it Down" (overdubbed version circa 2000) 3:56  George Harrison. From album  All Things Must Pass (2001).
25.  "Thank You Very Much Ladies And GentlemenЕ" 0:07  Speech
26.  My Sweet Lord (2000) 4:57  George Harrison. From album  All Things Must Pass (2001).


Disc Two:





1.  Free As A Bird (Lennon) 5:10  Full length version with wings intro and backward message.
2.  Real Love (Lennon) 4:11  Video Mix.
3.  Medley:
 I Will (Lennon/McCartney)
 Dera Duhn (Harrison)
1:07  Threetles Version from 23 Jun 1994.
4.  Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Monroe) 1:03  Anthology sessions (remastered, 2002). Full Threetles Version from 23 Jun 1994.
5.  Free As A Bird (Lennon) 4:24  Anthology sessions, instrumental track (OOPSed).
6.  Real Love (Lennon) 3:00  Anthology sessions, early version.
7.  Awaiting On You All (Harrison) 0:25  Promo Video.
8.  Saltwater (Lennon) 4:06  From the Julian Lennon's album "Help Yourself" (1991). George on slide guitar.
9.  Ride Rajbun (Harrison) 5:02  From The Bunbury Tails, Polydor 515 784-2, released October, 1992. With Ravi Shankar and Dhani Harrison.
10.  That Kind Of Woman (Harrison) 3:55  Eric Clapton. From album "Nobody's Child - Romanian Angel Appeal" (1990). George on guitar and back vocals.
11.  Real Life Blues (Lee) 4:33  Alvin Lee. George on slide guitar.
12.  Hot Love (Shannon) 3:14  From Del Shannon's CD-single "Callin' Out My Name" (1991). George on back vocals.
13.  Take Away The Sadness (unknown)


 From the Jim Horn's album "Work It Out" (1990). George on slide guitar.
14.  That Kind Of Woman (Harrison) 4:27  From the Gary Moore's album "Still Got The Blues" (1990). George on slide and rhythm guitar, back vocals.
15.  I Want You (She's So Heavy) (Lennon/McCartney)


 From the Alvin Lee's album "1994" (1993). George on slide guitar.
16.  Here Comes Emerson (Harrison) 1:48  Brazilian TV, 1996. George on acoustic guitar.
17.  Blue Suede Shoes (Perkins)


 Live in London Hard Rock Café at the Perkin's party, 1992. George on guitar. Remastered, 2002.
18.  While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Harrison) 5:15  From the album of "The Jeff Healey Band" - "Hell To Pay" (1990). George on acoustic guitar and back vocals.
19.  Free As A Bird (Lennon) 4:01  Anthology sessions, early version, lyrics incomplete.
20.  Real Love (Lennon) 3:46  Anthology Sessions OOPSed.
21.  Free As A Bird (Lennon) 0:41  Remix.
22.  Bye Bye Blackbird (Henderson/Dixon) 0:14  Improvisation.


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