Shanghai Surprise In The Material World

(First press)


  Label:       Walrus Records

  Cat. #:       Walrus 004
  Year:         1996 and 2002
  Tracks:      21
  Time:         71:26


In 2002 this bootleg was re-released in new packing - digipack.

On artworks of both editions 22-th track is specified. However it is absent on CD.


В 2002 году бутлег был переиздан в картонной упаковке

На полиграфии обеих изданий указан 22-ой трек. Однако он отсутствует на диске.



Shanghai Surprise In The Material World

(Re-release in digi-pack)


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1.  Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) (Harrison) 3:35  
2.  Sue Me Sue You Blues (Harrison) 4:53  Instrumental
3.  The Light That Has Lighted The World (Harrison) 3:34  
4.  Don't Let Me Wait Too Long (Harrison) 2:57  Instrumental
5.  Who Can See It (Harrison) 3:49  
6.  Living In The Material World (Harrison) 5:30  Instrumental
7.  The Lord Loves The One (That Loves The Lord) (Harrison) 4:33  
8.  Be Here Now (Harrison) 4:13  
9.  Try Some Buy Some (Harrison) 4:03  
10.  The Day The World Gets 'Round (Harrison) 2:52  
11.  That Is All (Harrison) 3:36  
12.  Shanghai Surprise (Harrison) 5:07  Film version
13.  Shanghai Surprise (Harrison)


 First excerpt from the Shanghai Surprise soundtrack
14.  Breath Away From Heaven (Harrison) 1:08  Musical Cues from the film Shanghai Surprise
15.  Breath Away From Heaven (Harrison) 1:11
16.  Breath Away From Heaven (Harrison) 1:48
17.  Breath Away From Heaven (Harrison) 0:58
18.  Shanghai Surprise (Harrison) 2:28  Second excerpt from the Shanghai Surprise soundtrack
19.  It Don't Come Easy (Starkey) 3:27  George on lead vocals. Parts of this song were recorded in Feb-Mar 1970. Overdubs (not present here) in Oct 1970
20.  That's The Way It Goes (Harrison) 3:31  Remix
21.  When We Was Fab (Harrison/Lynne) 5:18  Reverse End
22.  Ride Rajbun (Harrison) 0:00  Song absent.


Featuring Vicki Brown.

Харрисон поет в дуете с Вики Браун.

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