East & West, Yin & Yang

/Yellow Cat label version/


  Label:       Yellow Cat Records

  Cat. #:       YC074
  Year:         2002
  Tracks:      21
  Time:         73:52




East & West, Yin & Yang

/Russian clone Yellow Cat version/


  Label:       Unknown

  Cat. #:       the matrix No. is GHRS 0126
  Year:         2003
  Country:    Russia
  Tracks:     21
  Time:        73:22


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1.  Raga Private Instruction 1:42  1968 with George & Ravi
2.  David Frost Show 2:52  1971 with George & Ravi
3.  All Things Must Pass 0:39  2000 acoustic guitar rendition, EPK 2001
4.  "I like a lot of music" 1:11  1984
5.  Ride Rajbun 4:54  1988 with Dhani Harrison and Ravi Shankar
6.  Yin & Yang 10:20  1997 with George & Ravi
7.  All Things Must Pass 2:16  1997 acoustic guitar rendition
8.  Bangla Desh 4:11  1997 with George & Ravi
9.  Prabhujee 8:08  1997 with George & Ravi
10.  Anoushka 3:14  1999 EPK with George & Ravi
11.  "40 Years" 0:52  2000 ATMP EPK 2001
12.  Saturday Night Live NBC-TV: Here Comes The Sun 3:46  1976 with Paul Simon
13.  Saturday Night Live NBC-TV: Homeward Bound


 1976 with Paul Simon
14.  Mo 4:54  1978 promotional tribute song
15.  Abandoned Love 4:11  1983 Bob Dylan, unreleased studio recording
16.  Rockline Radio Medley 9:04  1988 acoustic guitar renditions
17.  Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea 2:37  1991 pre-recorded performance
18.  Don't Try To Own Me 1:15  1995 vocals only, with Gary Wright
19.  Here Comes Emerson 1:46  1996 acoustic guitar rendition
20.  Your True Love 2:17  1998 Carl Perkins Memorial Service
21.  All Things Must Pass 0:19  1997 acoustic guitar rendition


Liner Notes:

Track 1:

Raga Private Instruction (with George & Ravi)

George and Ravi playing sitar as part of the film "Raga", originally called "East Meets West", at Big Sur California on Monday June 10th 1968.


Track 2:

David Frost Show (with George & Ravi)

George and Ravi appeared on the David Frost US TV Show on December 3rd, 1971. Here George is heard to play the sitar again after a 3 year break.


Track 3:

All things Must Pass (acoustic guitar rendition)

Taken from Electronic Press Kit for ATMP, released in January 2001.


Track 4:

"I like a lot of music”

As spoken in Sydney on Nov., 11. 1984. during a "50 Years Adrift" Derek Taylor Press Interview.


Track 5:

Ride Rajbun (with Dhani Harrison and Ravi Shankar)

Taken from the CD: The Bunbury Tails (Polydor 515 784-2). A lesser known project to which George has donated his talents together with his son Dhani and friend Ravi. Written and completed in March I988, released in October 1992.


Track 6, 7, 8, 9:

all tracks from Yin & Yang (with George & Ravi). TV Broadcast

A VH-1 Broadcast on July 24, 1997, recorded tin May 14th, 1997 in N.Y. to promote Ravi's "Chants of India" CD, which was produced by George. At the urging of John Fugelsang George fumbled a bit and came up with a slightly rough, impromptu solo rendition of All things Must Pass (track 7). George then joined Ravi and his wife Sukanya in a brief performance on Prabhujee, a track from the Chants of India CD (here track 9).


Track 10:

Anoushka's Electronic Press Kit (with George & Ravi)

George contributed to this EPK for Ravi and Sukanya Shankar's daughter Anoushka Shankar to promote her new debut classical sitar CD "Anushka" on Angel Records in October 1999.


Track 11:

"40years" (ATMP EPK 2001)

Taken from Electronic Press Kit for ATMP, released in January 2001. George reminiscing about his life.


Track 12 and 13:

Saturday Night Live NBC-TV

Recorded November 18. 1976 and broadcast November 20, 1976 in New York. George Harrison contributed musically to the Thanksgiving edition of Saturday Night Live hosted by Paul Simon. The both did an acoustic set of tunes: a.o. Here Comes The Sun and Homeward Bound.


Track 14:

Mo (promotional tribute song)

Dating from the spring of 1977 is the track "Mo", written as a tribute to George's new record company president, Warner Bros, executive Mo Ostin. It was played on Mo's 50th birthday party. The track finally saw the light of day in December 1994 on a very rare US promo set celebrating Mo Ostin's career, a six-CD collection, entitled "Mo's Songs", Warner Bros. PRO-MO-1994.


Track 15:

Abandoned Love (Bob Dylan, unreleased studio recording)

Abandoned Love initially recorded by Bob Dylan in mid 1975 for his Desire LP, but didn't make the final cut. A version of it wound up on 1985's Biograph collection. The Harrison arrangement presented here is simular but pre-dates the commercially released version of Dylan in 1985.


Track 16:

Rockline Radio Medley (acoustic guitar renditions)

Live US Radio Broadcast: February 10. 1988, Los Angeles. George did a few acoustic guitar renditions (with Jeff Lyne at times) in a nationwide call-in program broadcast live to AOR-based radio stations: Drive My Car, Here Comes The Sun, The Bells Of Rhymney, Mr. Tambourine Man, Take Me As I Am, That '.v All Right (Mania), Let It Be Me, Something, Every Grain Of Sand.


Track 17:

Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea (pre-recorded performance)

This tune popularized by Cab Galloway in 1931 was filmed in mid-1991 in London for Mr. Roadrunner, broadcast on Channel 4, June 6th, 1992, with Joe Holland (and band), as a tribute to George Form by and his magic ukulele.


Track 18:

Don't Try To Own Me (vocals only, with Gary Wright)

An a capella version of George and Gary fooling around with the lyrics (“I don '/ need another wounded heart") during a break for a promotional videoclip for "Don't Try To Own Me".


Track 19:

Here Comes Emerson (acoustic guitar rendition)

George appeared (via tape) from the lawn of his Henley-on-Thames. Friar Park estate on this Brazilian TV programme "Genie Que Brilha". Broadcast on October 31. 1996, performing an off-the-cuff version of "Here Comes The Sun" with amended lyrics for his Formula I racing pal Emerson Fittipaldi. George was congratulating Emerson on his recovery from a recent plane crash in Araraquara. Brzail, in which he had fractured his lower back. Apparently the two liked to share a drink now and then as was reflected in the modified lyrics.


Track 20:

Your True Love (Carl Perkins Memorial Service)

Four days alter good friend Carl Perkins died on January 19, 1998 following a long battle with cancer. George performed this number at Perkin's memorial service at the urging of Wynonna Judd. Armed with Ricky Skagg's acoustic guitar. George paid tribute to his old pal, backed by Garth Brooks. Johnny Rivers and other music glitterati. This look place at the R.E. Womack Memorial Chapel. Lambuth University, in Jackson. Tennessee on January 23,1998.


Track 21:

All Things Must Pass (acoustic guitar rendition)

Taken from Electronic Press Kit for ATMP, released in January 2001.







Everybody is looking for Krishna.

Some don't realise that they are, but they are.

Krishna is GOD, the Source of all that exists, the Cause of all that is, was or ever will be.

As God is unlimited, HE has many Names.

Allah - Buddah - Jehova - Rama: All are Krishna, all are One.

God is not abstract, he has both the impersonal and the personal aspects to his

personality which is SUPREME, ETERNAL, BLISSFUL, and full of knowledge. As a

singe drop of water has the same qualities as an ocean of water, so has our

consciousness the qualities of GOD'S consciousness. . . but through our identification

and attachment with material energy (physical body, sense pleasures, material

possessions, ego etc.) our true TRANSCENDENTAL CONSCIOUSNESS has been

polluted, and like dirty mirror it is unable to reflect a pure image. With many lives

our association with the temporary has grown. This impermanent body, a bag of

bones and flesh, is mistaken for our true self, and we have accepted this temporary

condition to be final.

Through all ages, great saints have remained as living proof that this non-temporary,

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soul is potentially Divine.

Krishna says in BHAGAVAD GITA "Steady in the Self, being freed from all material

contamination, the yogi achieves the highest perfectional stage of happiness in touch

with the Supreme Consciousness. YOGA (a scientific method of GOD (SELF)

realization) is the process by which we purify our consciousness, stop further pollution

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If there is a God, I want to see him. It's pointless to believe in something without proof,

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There are many yogic paths Raja, Jnana, Hatha, Kriya, Karma, Bhakti which are all

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SWAMI BHAKTIVEDANTA is as his title says a BHAKTI yogi following the path of

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One inevitably arrives at KRISHNA Consciousness. (The proof of the pudding is in the







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