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1.  Documentary 17:53

 This tape is from Salisbury Plain 3-5 May1965. Footage made one Australian amateur cameraman on 8 mm silent movie. Here Beatles perform "I Need You" and submitted other scenes. This footage is very nice and very rare.


 Съемка, представленная на DVD, была сделана в Долине Солсбери в период с 3 по 5 мая 1965 года. Пленка отснята австралийским любителем на 8 мм камеру без звука. На ней сняты моменты работы над фильмом. В частности, исполнение песни "I Need You" и другой редкий материал.


Sleeve notes:
"This 18-minute film is an historical document showing the Beatles performing on the beach during the making of the movie "Help!". They are also seen doing various stunts on location in the Bahamas. The original four rolls of standard 8mm standard film were bought at auction with copyright and have been transferred professionally onto VHS format videotape.
We wished to present the film in a style as close to the original as possible and we supply it to you as a silent movie in a film can. This unique film will appeal more to the fan than to the average Beatles listener.

We hope you will enjoy the film"

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